The Goldhoorn Gardens allows you
to experience the real country life

                       The garden will be closed from January 1, 2022

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Visitor garden

This garden is a garden with atmosphere divided into different compartments.
Every area has been created down to the finest detail.

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Lifestyle shop

This year’s collection offers clothing from Pia Rossini and others, which includes hats, poncho’s, shawls and bags.

Garden design

The garden is being seen more and more as a part of one’s daily living. The connection from the in and outside is a good starting point.

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Atmospheric photos

View all kinds of beautiful atmospheric photos here!

Goldhoorn Gardens

The Goldhoorn Gardens, located in a unique location in the Noordoostpolder, is a serene place for High Tea, Garden Design, Meetings, Workshops and more.

Garden lovers and the English country life enthusiasts can fully indulge themselves here.

The Goldhoorn Gardens offers a surprising English garden of 4000sq. meters. The garden is characterized by waving lines and idyllic sections. The garden is specially known for its combination of colors and the variety in flower an leaf forms. The harmony in the garden offers a true feeling of tranquility during a garden stroll.

One can get a taste of English Country life in our nearby shop.

Goldhoorn Gardens organizes many different events; Workshops, Presentations, High Tea, meetings and special garden days.

The atmosphere of the entire terrain is charming and cozy. Goldhoorn Gardens is extra special because of its location, because you would normally not associate this place with the authentic English Country life. One should visit the Goldhoorn Gardens in one of the newest regions of the Netherlands: the “Noordoostpolder”.

Opening hours

10 April to 1 september 2021 by appointment
See the agenda for the Tulip route and open weekends.

Groups always by appointment.

Admission € 3.00 per person with guided tour € 3.50.