Garden design

The garden becomes more and more a part of our living environment. A good garden plan is the basic plan.

A good garden design is characterized by a perfect match with your individual situation. Both in terms of atmosphere and in terms of practical usability. The starting points are your wishes and taste. Only in this way can a balanced and perfect whole be created, a garden that suits you and where you can relax.


After an exploratory interview and in good consultation, I will pay you a working visit for taking careful inventory. On the basis of a “checklist” I discuss all possible wishes.

After taking stock I make a clearly readable sketch design. I also provide an explanation of the plan.

If you agree with the (possibly adapted) sketch design, a definitive garden design will follow on which everything is clearly indicated, for example, lines, paving, pergola, pond, etc.

Tuinontwerpen bollenroute bezoekerstuin goldhoorn tuinen arrangementen

This is followed by the planting plan with explanation. In such a plan I indicate the location of the planting sections. Plant species, the numbers. You will also receive a descriptive plant list with all the characteristics of your plants, such as flowering color, flowering time, leaf color, height, and all other applicable data. In addition, there is an extensive maintenance plan that mentions the pruning of plants.

With the help of these plans, your garden can be laid out by yourself or third parties. If desired, you can spread the costs by carrying out the construction in phases. In addition to installation under own management, supervision or care of the construction by me is also possible.

Goldhoorn Gardens designs gardens in which implementation and supervision go hand in hand with skilled gardeners.

Thanks to the well thought out garden design in advance, the basis has been formed for a garden that suits you.