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One can get a taste of English Country life in our nearby shop.

Enthusiasts of English country life can indulge themselves.

Our brands for the boots are; John Bardale, Beaufort and Mongo.

Our brands of clothing are:John Bardale, Barwick Tweed, Hunter, Mongo, Pia Rossini.

During the Tulip Route 50% discount on clothing and boots.

In addition to our clothing, we also sell home garden accessories and furniture in English style.

Opening hours

Shop open by appointment. During the tulip route we are open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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The metal “Birds of Zimbabwe” are made by Birdwoods, a company founded in 1991 by Louise Stobart. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe and is a gifted artist. The Birdwoods workshop moved in 2004; they are now located in the Domboshawa hills close to Harare.

The basic material for the production of the metal birds consists of used oil barrels. The barrels are cleaned, processed and cut into parts. The birds are then welded together on the basis of the design. The design idea is from Louise Stobart and some of her close employees and requires a lot of preparation.

Bird books and magazines go from hand to hand and ultimately the chosen birds are observed live for a long time. Her employees further detail and refine the design during production on the basis of their own experiences. This way, every bird is a unique, original, characteristic and handmade specimen.

The Birds of Zimbabwe can be purchased at the store.